TeslaDuo Group Ltd is a research-driven company that strives towards boosting consumption through leading-edge technology platform and employs big data & data analytics, AI algorithms, Blockchain & decentralized applications (dApps), 3D printing, Genomics, and other technologies to provide technical expertise & support to its divisions through solid & well-designed applications & Entreprise solutions so they can respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of their corporate customers.

Innovation Lab Programs

TeslaDuo - AI

Harnessing Next Gen - AI & ML

Currently, our leading program TeslaDuo AI main focus is next-generation AI & ML using probabilistic programing systems, Bayesian modeling which consists in building probabilistic models that uses innovative ML techniques other than state-of-the-art Deep Learning to enable companies uncovering more insights, understanding much better their customers, and making predictions accordingly.

Indeed, as many leaders in the machine learning community, we believe that models should be programs and can be combined with methods & techniques ranging from and combining elements of automatic differentiation with stochastic gradient descent, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, variational methods, and other evolutionary techniques in order to be able to read data, interpret & summarize them, and make accurate predictions to help adapt as your business & customers evolve.

Our main targets are pharmaceutical & medical industries and biotech sectors to enable faster, more reliable communication with internal stakeholders and CROs to support them with their clinical development projects as well as healthcare, bioinformatics, fintech & banking, insurance, manufacturing, logistics & distribution and even automotive, defense, and sports analytics.


TeslaDuo Block

Disrupting trust with blockchain

The TeslaDuo Block is a program that uses the blockchain technology to disrupting the trust industry with the aim of changing the world for the better through cryptocurrency & distributed ledger technologies. Currently, our main target is the biotech & pharmaceutical industry. 

TeslaDuo - 3DP

3D printing-enabled technology

One of the Tesla Duo Group’s current research projects focuses on computer-aided drug design and 3D- drug printing.

The TeslaDuo 3DP is a program that uses 3D printing technology to disrupting the drugs manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry with the aim of a better use of medicines, lowering their costs as well as reducing healthcare access inequities.


TeslaDuo - IoT

 True technology-enabled industry network

The TeslaDuo IoT is a program that consist in developing Internet of Things (IoT) based platforms & solutions for our customers, particularly healthcare organizations & pharmaceutical companies so they can digitize and connect vital functions, elevate efficiencies, and assure product quality and compliance. 


TeslaDuo Gx

Participating in genomic revolution

The TeslaDuo Gx is a program that consist in developing tailored Genomics based solution(s) for our customers, particularly pharmaceutical & healthcare organizations providing them with detailed information about their unique sensitivity to wide range of drugs that are currently clinically used in fields ranging from cardiology to psychiatry. Indeed, our DNA data (23andMe and reports from other providers) will enable our customers to develop personalized medication programs for individual patients.