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Our company originating  process

At TeslaDuo, we conceives, creates, resources, and develops first-in-category cloud & tech based ventures/companies to transform human health & sustainability. Thus, TeslaDuo is a group of companies & an experiment in entrepreneurial innovation creating breakthroughs & new ventures unknown spaces with a an agile transformation approach combining technology, science & sustainability. Our startup/company process can be described as follows:

1- Initial ideas - Exploring

Shaping new ideas & identifying breakthroughs using internal & external tech & science base.

3 - PoC - Launching

Feasibility testing is made. Team formed, name assigned, platform development started.

2- Selection - Prototyping

Feasibility testing is made and network engaged to iterate & refine the concepts.

4- Spin out - Growing

New venture is spun out to become a growth company.

TDG's Innovation Process(2).png

Number of projects from different domains was incubated and several early stage startups have been spun out or about to spin out as a separate ventures.

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