Message from the CEO

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Since its founding, TeslaDuo has been originating innovative startups & companies, our team pursues research breakthroughs and category-defining inventions from our world-class network of collaborators spanning the academic, business, non-profit, science and investment communities. We are committed to create new value, regardless of industry type or size. The principles behind all our current & future venture are the spirit of entrepreneurship and the strong sense of ownership.

As a research-driven company, we use technology to build better tools & features that help you do a pecific  work and the work that you’re doing is ultimately about people in order to evolve & elevate together. For this purpose, we are leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Blockchain technologies as well as IoT, additive manufacturing and AR/VR-centric metaverse.

We strongly believe that in the near future, we will have a digital layer of our everyday life: a virtual presence of ourselves will perform all the activities we typically do, within a Real-World Metaverse fueled by real-time data. We will live a whole existence in virtual environments, where we will be represented by our Human Digital Twins.

We also believe Web3 & decentralized technologies like blockchain could represent a solution: NFTs, for instance, could help locate practical applications in the Metaverse not only for guaranteeing the ownership of a digital identity, but also for securing transactions of virtual objects and ensuring interoperability between Metaverse platforms.

Going forward, attention must also be turned to addressing all kinds of ills & plagues, such as Covid-19, with our never-changing characteristics and contribute to developing industries, without losing sight of  environment & sustainable development. We are bringing solutions to environmental issues by means of partnerships with leading scientists, think tanks, and NGOs while supporting issue areas identified in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as SDG6, SDG9, SDG13, and SDG14.

Dr Tyler I. Sainkoudje
TeslaDuo Ltd - Co-Founder, President & CEO