Environmental sustainability

To protect the global environment that serves as the stage for all human endeavors, we are working to expand the scope of our environmental efforts through our business activities, and services in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. We aim to bring conservation & grassroots environmentalism into the 21st century through cutting-edge technological innovation.

Our motto

'For a Happy Planet' expresses our aim to expand the scope of our environmental efforts through our businesses in order to help clean the environment & contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.


Our 4 Environmental Sustainability goals

1. Combating Climate Change

In the frame reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, we will work together with the people who use our services, clients, business partners, and employees in a broad range of activities aimed at preventing climate change.

Indeed, we are focused on dramatically increasing ambition to tackle the climate crisis by promoting the best climate solutions, including a transition to 100% renewable energy.

2. Ocean & Marine Species Protection

Our Oceans provide half of the world’s oxygen supply, regulate the global climate system, and provide the primary source of protein for more than 3 billion people.

As around 3% of the of the world’s oceans are formally protected, TeslaDuo is accelerating efforts to have a much larger part protected through the creation and expansion of marine protected areas (MPAs).


MPAs allow fish populations to rebound and increase the resilience of marine ecosystems, acting as a buffer against the damaging effects of climate change.


TeslaDuo is working with international organizations, and local coalitions to secure as much as possible of marine protected areas in all 5 oceans (hopefully 1+ million square kilometers).

We are also working to constrain overfishing and prevent the extinction of threatened marine species. An estimated 25% of all sharks and rays are threatened with extinction and roughly 100 million are killed each year, yet conservation efforts have not kept pace. To combat this, TeslaDuo and its partners will fund & lead projects around the world to protect these species through improved regulatory frameworks, campaigns to reduce demand for shark fins and strategic marine protected areas and to protect the health of the world’s fisheries at both the global and local levels.


3. Promoting Ecological Awareness

The TeslaDuo began vigorously implementing ecological activities in company offices in fiscal 2016. Examples include educational components with many illustrations for easy understanding, to show specific efforts being made in the Group.
We also put notices asking employees to save energy and avoid wasteful use of paper in our office. An annual compliance test given to employees includes items related to the environment to check the knowledge and awareness of each person.

4. Innovative & Technological Products & Solutions

TeslaDuo’s partnering with the Mendez Sainkoudje initiative (MSi) to develop a new vision for the future, one in which humanity & the natural world coexist in harmony.


Given the current technological advancements, we seeks to create the most important breakthroughs in environmental technology and build deep tech products & solutions to environmental problems.

We are bringing solutions to environmental issues by means of partnerships with leading scientists, think tanks, and NGOs while supporting issue areas identified in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.