We are an innovative & search-driven company. Our model combines scientific creativity, technological ingenuity, systematic entrepreneurship, executive leadership, professional capital management, and a vast network of experts in a single entity that produces first-of-their-kind businesses. We are the principal founders, funders, and owners of our companies, taking responsibility for their long-term success by providing them with all the resources of our ecosystem.

TeslaDuo Management Philosophy

We first established the Tesla Duo Group creed clarifying the objectives that guide our organization's behavior in 2014 and developed our current Management Philosophy 2 years later in June 2016 after revisiting our Management Philosophy under our new operating structure. It incorporates our commitment to responding to the needs of society while continuing to place importance on our long-standing focus of creating new value.


Helping people and organizations build a better world by means of technology without ever loosing sight of the environment.


We are focused on responding to the needs of society by creating new value, thereby contributing to a brighter and more fulfilling world in which all individuals can live life to the fullest. Our aim is to contribute to a bright, vibrant future where people can choose their own life path in a world where humanity and the natural world coexist in harmony.

A world filled with opportunities for people of all generations and in all regions to aspire to even bigger dreams. A world in which people can directly determine the course of their own life. A sustainable, rich, and fulfilling world in which everyone has countless chances for a fresh start.

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Message from the President

TeslaDuo: In the Business of Contributing to Society

​Since its founding, TeslaDuo has been originating innovative startups & companies, our team pursues research breakthroughs and category-defining inventions from our world-class network of collaborators spanning the academic, business, non-profit, science and investment communities...


TeslaDuo logo & corporate message

Evolve & Elevate Together

In its logic model, Tesla Duo simply means there are 2 polarities and 2 opposites, knowing that opposites always attract which explains our role of connecting people and opportunities. Also, we designed...