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TeslaDuo is an innovative & search-driven company that promotes technological innovation, sustainability, environment & humanitarian. Our model combines scientific creativity, technological ingenuity, systematic entrepreneurship, executive leadership, professional capital management, and a vast network of experts in a single entity that produces first-of-their-kind businesses. We are the principal founders, funders, and owners of our companies, taking responsibility for their long-term success by providing them with all the resources of our ecosystem.

Promising explorations become prototype ventures and TeslaDuo's founding teams test concepts, and discontinue all prototypes that cannot, for whatever reason, validate their science.


Ultimately, a new venture is spun out to become a growth company. The leadership team attracts outside investors, forges partnerships, and builds a business that creates extraordinary future value. Indeed, number of domains was explored & ideas created at TeslaDuo. Many projects was started but only a few of them have been spun out or about to spin out as a separate early stage & new ventures. Learn about the topics we are interested in as well as the corresponding spin-offs we have built so far. 

We also build blank check companies or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) whose business purpose is to make quantum impact investments by effecting mergers & asset acquisitions, capital stock exchange, stock purchases, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses and with a global mindset.



In an effort to help achieve this world, we are committed to offering new opportunities and taking on a greater role to meet growing needs while believing in the potential of every individual. 

Creation of New Value

Generate new value to respond to society's growing needs, predicting and boldly tackling the challenges that come with the constantly changing times.

Contributions to Society

Contribute to society through all of our corporate activities, aspiring to realize a sustainable, rich, and fulfilling world.

Respect for All Individuals

Respect each individual. Based on mutual respect and high expectations for the ambition and potential of every employee, provide support for individuals to allow them to fully apply their energies.


We firmly believe that in the near future, we will have a digital layer of our everyday life: a virtual presence of ourselves will perform all the activities we typically do, within a Real-World Metaverse fueled by real-time data. We will live a whole existence in virtual environments, where we will be represented by our Human Digital Twins. The Metaverse is the next iteration of the internet. It supports ongoing online 3D virtual environments where the world’s publicly accessible virtual experiences, real-time 3D contents and other related media are connected and accessible through VR/AR, as well as through classic devices such as PC or mobile.

An immersive Web3 internet, where users meet in virtual spaces, represent themselves as avatars and share virtual objects through new technologies.

We also believe Web3 & decentralized technologies like Blockchain could represent a solution: (Non-Fungible Tokens) NFTs, for instance, could help locate practical applications in the Metaverse not only for guaranteeing the ownership of a digital identity, but also for securing transactions of virtual objects and ensuring interoperability between Metaverse platforms. NFTs can be described as cryptographic digital assets registered and transferred on the Blockchain and with the advent of the Metaverse, they are set to play a crucial role. Within this constantly changing reality,


To protect the global environment that serves as the stage for all human endeavors, we are working to expand the scope of our environmental efforts through our business activities, and services in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. We aim to bring conservation & grassroots environmentalism into the 21st century through cutting-edge technological innovation.

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